Friday, 27 March 2009

Hugo Werner


Great portfolio site
///more later

Not Paper



A really really great blog with small interviews with each artist featured. Tasty!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009



After reading ilovetypography's latest post on Jeremy Mikel and his Router typeface I clicked on the foundry he released his through called "Village" run by Tracy Jenkins and Chester Jenkins. They house Underware and many others.

I've become to see type foundries in a similar light to record labels for musicians. Some musicians go to the big companies which have their own set of benefits whilst others choose the smaller ones or even release it themself. Some even set up their own label for releases and then gather others to make their own 'team'.

I'm not quite sure what I'd do with my own yet, but seeing all these little foundries and the people within them is a nice way to feel like something of a community.

Songs For The Young At Heart


An amazingly sweet little compilation driven by Stuart A. Staples of the group Tindersticks. I love the warm feel of the flash website even if drag and jutter of images takes away the dream-like aspect of it sometimes. The images for 'Action-Man's Retirement Home' are incredible and made me smile from ear to ear and get crafty.

The album's not too bad either and a great calmer. I especially like the monologue retelling of tales, namely a video of Jarvis Cocker doing The Lion And Albert.

Go see before bedtime. You will enjoy.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet

See wikipedia entry here

Maker of one of my favourite films Amélie. I've tried to get hold of 'The City Of Lost Children' to watch but have been unsucessful as of yet. The wikipedia holds a lot lot more information than I could ever give so just go read up on him. He's a legend.

Website I like: Dear Reader E-Card

See Here

An E-card promoting the band Dear Reader, with a full album preview of their newest release 'Replace Why With Funny'.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009



Another post on a design team specialising in press made stationary. Although a little sacharrine for my taste their work is incredible and their company image and website is flawless. It's run by two sisters (more information here) which is always nice.